Are you buff enough?

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Are you Buff enough?

*Disclaimer: I received a Merino Wool Buff to review  as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!*

Every time I open up a new package in the mail, it feels like Christmas. The excitement builds, even though I know exactly what is in the package.  Several weeks ago, I opened up the mail box to find a brand new Merino Wool Buff! I chose the printed CASDEN color buff, since I figured I could wear the color with almost any of my crazy running clothes.


One thing I noticed right off the bat, when I took the buff off the sheep’s head holder, this buff is quite a bit longer than other buffs I’ve had in the past.  I shrugged it off and packed the buff along with my clothes for a run the next day.

First off, I decided to try the buff the traditional way around my neck for regular morning run. The winds were pretty vicious at 20 mph.  This buff definitely held up and the wind resistance helped me get through a not so pleasant run along the lakefront.IMG_8027

My second time using the Merino Wool Buff, was on a 20 mile trail run.  The temps were a bit warmer out, around 34 degrees fahrenheit.  I was a bit worried, that the buff might give me some issues on such a long run, but I packed it anyways.

At first when wrapping the buff around my head, it was way too long.  But, If you section it off a few extra times, it works just like the other buffs.  The extra length on the buff, was definitely more helpful when I wore it around my neck, but still usable as a headband.  Two hours into my trail run, I realized that I hadn’t needed to readjust or mess with my buff the entire time.  It also was doing a great job of wicking any moisture away from my head without being itchy at all.

Since this past week the temperatures have risen into the 50’s here in Wisconsin (YAY!), I had to be creative on ways to use the buff.  I wore it around my wrist, to use as a sweat rag during a 6 mile run. But the best way was putting it around the arrow bars on my tri-bike to use when things got warm during my training sessions on the bike!

After trialing the Merino Wool Buff for several weeks, I would definitely recommend the Merino Wool Buff for long runs when it is cold.  The extra length is especially useful around the neck, since there’s more fabric to rotate around once one section gets wet. Because of the length of the buff, it’s awkward to wear it around your wrist, but still works great around the neck or as a headband. Also, the wicking ability of the merino wool proves more useful than a typical cotton or polyester buff.


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