2XU VECTR Sock & Performance Run Calf Sleeve Review

*Disclaimer: I received a pair of 2XU VECTR sock and Performance Run calf sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!*


There’s one thing that a runner does not have too many of, and that’s socks! And lately I’ve been getting into the whole Compression Calf Sleeve trend as well.  So when BibRave.com gave me the opportunity to test out the new 2XU VECTR Sock and Performance Run Compression Sleeves, I couldn’t pass up the chance!

My first time putting on the VECTR sock and Performance Run calf sleeves, they fit very snugly and  true to size.  I received them right after my Saturday long run. So instead of my typical compression sleeves for recovery, I figured I’d throw these on instead.  I very much liked the sleek design of the socks.  They fit snugly around the arches of my feet, which tend to get ignored during the recovery process after long runs.

My next time using the VECTR Socks and Performance Run Compression Sleeves was for a very hilly 13 mile run. I did a long run the day before, so compression was necessary to get my legs moving again with minimal soreness.  The compression was great around my calf muscles and actually helped me push through some Achilles soreness from the day before. I was slightly worried about using the socks for a longer run right off the bat, since I tend to wear thicker socks, especially on the trails.  However, because these socks wrapped around the arches and ankle so well, I didn’t have any issues with slipping or foot pain.

My final trial of the VECTR socks and Compression Sleeves was out on the trails.  They were still comfortable, however, the socks tended to make my feet slip a bit in my trail shoes.

So here’s the rundown:


+Fit true to size

+Great amount of compression (not too tight)

+very light weight, would be good even in the hot summer months


– the socks slipped when used out on the trails

I would definitely recommend these to a runner who is looking for a great race or training combination.  They are lightweight and perfect for road running! I will definitely be rocking this combo for some upcoming races!



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