Week of Training Recap (April 18-24)

This week is probably the bulk week of my 50k training. This is the week when my attitude changes every two seconds about my training and preparation.  One second I feel confident and strong and the next I think start to think that I haven’t trained enough or I haven’t gotten in enough hills.  I ended up running 58 miles this week, and I still wonder if that is enough.  But I need to trust the training and know that my legs can do this.

Every time I get within a month of a trail race I always do a mini freak out that I haven’t gotten enough time on the trails. So that’s why I decided to ditch the road for my long run this week, and hit up the Ice Age trail for my 24 mile run.  Luckily, the Ice Age race had  a training run this Saturday, so I was able to share the trails and meet some great trail runners while I was out there for a couple hours.  I kept it nice and slow, because I didn’t want to kill myself and feel miserable the rest of the weekend (I had a wedding to go to Saturday evening and I didn’t want to be useless).  But I got it done and had way too much fun while I was out there.

Now I’m feeling a little more confident about my race coming up in 3 weeks! I still have some training to do.  I want to get some extra hill repeats in this week and next week before I go into full taper-mode.  But at this point, I’m ready to get the show on the road.

13055301_823817257750465_5332831845995977995_nIn case you were wondering, here was my running schedule this past week:

Monday: 18 mile bike ride & 45 minutes of Strength Training

Tuesday: 2 miles of hill repeats followed by a 4 mile tempo run with the Pavement Gods

Wednesday: 45 minutes of Strength Training and 9 mile run with Milwaukee Running Group-OMG

Thursday: 45 minutes of Strength Training

Friday: 8 mile run

Saturday: 24 miles on the Ice Age trails

Sunday: 10 mile shake out run


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