Training, Racing, and Review of Big Foot Trail 10k

*Disclaimer:  I received a free entry to RAM Racing Big Foot Trail 10k as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!*

The month of races has finally passed.  June held a race every week.  Though I enjoyed every second of the race scene, my tired legs are ready to focus on more training and less racing. This past weekend, I participated in the Big Foot Trail 10k in Lake Geneva. I did my longer run the Thursday before the race so that my legs had a day to recover before the race on Saturday.

Packet Pickup: It was nice to have packet pickup on race day for this event.  It seems like IMG_9653more and more races require you to pick up your packet a day or 2 early, but this race was low key and didn’t require this. I arrived an hour before the event, hoping this would be enough time.  I ended up being one of the 1st runners at the event! In fact, some of the vendors weren’t even set up yet. In my packet, they gave me a nice long sleeve hooded tech top and a RAM Racing draw string bag.  After picking up my packet, I took advantage of the Nuun Hydration station set up and finally got to sample the Mango energy Nuun that I’ve been eyeing up online. Yum! I also got to meet up with a fellow BibRave Pro before the race!

The Race: No one really knew where the race was starting until the race director made an announcement over a speaker.

He asked that everyone split into 2 corrals; the first corral for those at under a 9 min./mile, 2nd corral for those above a 9 min./mile. I decided to goat the front of the second corral considering  it was 80 degrees outside and I wasn’t too sure how technical the course was going to be.IMG_9669 The 10k route was 2 loops of the 5k course. It started by having us run around a small lake, then through some woods.  We then had to run a short portion through the campground. The majority was in the woods and on either grass or mulch.  However, a portion was on pavement when we ran through the campground.  I wore my trail shoes, but this wasn’t necessary because the path was very well groomed and not super muddy.  It was definitely a hot race so the 4 aid stations were heaven! They had Nuun as well as water, which was a nice surprise.  I decided to take this race a little easier because of the heat.  It’s not always easy to pull myself back like that, but I have to looking at the bigger picture with the Racine half ironman coming up in 3 weeks. When I finally got to the finish line, I was ready to chug a gallon of water.

Post-Race: After I crossed the finish line, I received water and a bag of food.  Unfortunately, my bagel was moldy so I had to toss it.  Luckily, I wasn’t very hungry anyways.  They also handed out ice cold washcloths. This felt amazing on my neck after the hot run. I hurried back to an area before the finish line so I could see my BibRave Pro buddy finish the race! IMG_9662After the race I was looking forward to celebrating, but there was also no BEER! Very disappointing considering there was a beer area already set up for the triathlon the following day.

This Week: Now I have 2 weeks left before my first half ironman, and less then 12 weeks before my first 50 mile trail race.  Training is getting tough, balancing the swim, bike, and long runs.  Last week I have my last push for power before I start “tapering”

Monday: 33 mile bike

Tuesday: 3,000 meter swim + 7 miles of hills and run with Pavement Gods

Wednesday: 10 mile tempo run

Thursday: 20 mile long run

Friday: 2,000 meter swim

Saturday: (optional) 8 mile run-depending on how tired I am

Sunday: Racine 70.3 bike preview: 56 miles of biking + 6 mile run


I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to handle a taper for the next two weeks while trying to ramp up miles for my 50 miler training.  If you have any suggestions, let me know!



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