7 Days Till My 1st Half Fe-man

One week out, 1 week left of tapering, and 1 week before I put all of my training to the test. That’s a lot to think about without stressing myself out.  Over the past few weeks, I have biked hundreds of miles, swam thousands of meters, and kept up my running to over 40 miles a week.  Resting has not been in my vocabulary recently.  But this week, I only have 2-1000 meter swims left, a few 3 mile runs, and 1 hour bike ride.  That’s it! Luckily, there are about a billion other projects that I have been pushing off over the past few weeks that will hopefully preoccupy me.

Things on my To-do list:

  1. Organize stuff for family garage sale
  2. Post new blog for Downtown Kenosha, Inc.
  3. Wrap myself in bubble wrap, so I don’t injure myself (as suggested from one of my running buddies who knows my tendency to trip and fall)
  4. Finish reading Still Alice
  5. Take Mr. Cooper (my dog) on a few extra walks to the beach!IMG_9811

So as you can see, I have plenty to keep myself distracted. I’ll be posting updates about the Racine 70.3 on Instagram.  Make sure to follow along!


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