Review of the Orange Mud Phone.Flask.Vest.

*Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud Phone.Flask.Vest. to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!*

I am that running friend that looks like they took a bath in sweat after every run.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  But this causes a real problem especially in the summer heat and humidity.  At the same time, I do not like to run with a lot of “stuff”. During the winter I can go 10 miles without bringing water or nutrition, and I’d prefer to do the same in the summer but that hasn’t been in the cards lately.  IMG_2594

BibRave offered me the opportunity to test the Orange Mud Phone.Flask.Vest. I’ve been interested in Orange Mud hydration vests, especially seeing friends wearing them on the trails.  The Orange Mud Phone.Flask.Vest (or PFV) is meant to keep the bulk to a minimum while still offering compartments for all the necessary accessories. Some of the special features include:

  • 450mL soft flask
  • front pocket for your Phone
  • stow pocket and clasp for keys
  • shoulder pocket for nutrition
  • back pocket & draw string for any extra accessories

For such a small pack, it’s surprising how much you can fit in all the pockets.

When the pack arrived in the mail, the heat was setting in for the summer.  I was finding it more difficult to even go on shorter runs without any form of hydration.

The first time wearing the pack felt slightly uncomfortable.  For some reason it wasn’t fitting quite right, but I managed to get through a 3 mile run with it on.  When I got back from this run, I checked out a video provided by Orange Mud on how to properly wear the PFV pack.  This video was a game changer.  I realized that I was not tightening the straps evenly on both sides, which caused the pack to shift throughout my run.

The next several times wearing the pack was much more comfortable.  I tried it with just the water bottle as well as fully packed with nutrition, phone, and other gear.  It’s the most comfortable when most of the weight is kept in the back of the pack.  I put my nutrition in the back pocket instead of the shoulder pocket, which helped stabilize the pack.  I love that the key pocket has an extra clasp for the keys, which makes me certain my keys will stay in place throughout the entire run. It is also a nice feature having the phone in the front and easily accessible for all the photo opportunities while out on a run.

The longest run I used the pack on was a 9 mile trail run.  I was worried that the inconsistent movements might cause the pack to bounce too much or chafe, but I did not have problems with either of these issues.  Instead, it was nice to have a lighter pack for a quick 2 hour trail run when I didn’t need to carry a fully loaded pack.

If you’re looking for a super light weight minimal pack that can still hold nutrition, phone, water, and keys, the Orange Mud Phone.Flask.Vest. has a lot to offer. With this pack you don’t have any bulk around your waist like so many other options. The manufacturer definitely thought things through when they developed this pack.



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